Darsena del Sale e vele storiche | © Gruppo Fotografico Cervese


The aroma of the salt plans, stories of the sea, and golden sands.


The City of Salt

More than 9 km of beaches and 300 hectares of pine forest, where you can play sport, relax, and just have fun. But the real magic lies in the historic parts of the town. Take a morning stroll around the Borgo Marina, the old harbour, where fishermen sell the freshly landed catch-of-the-day. 
Every day at sunset, don’t miss the local artisan markets along the canal before continuing your evening in the bars and clubs. One experience which is not to be missed is a “floating” aperitif in the Salt Dock.
Not enough? Why not visit the old salt warehouses and learn the stories of the salt workers and the secrets of their craft, including a visit to the old Camillone saltworks. The huge white mounds of salt and the spectacular sight of herons and pink flamingos are the perfect way to round off your day. 

Best of Cervia

The sea and Borgo Marina

The sea represents the other half of our spirit.

Cervia Old Town

The old town is the beating heart of Cervia. Its distinctive rectangular shape was formed by the Pope to improve the life of salt workers, where every building had a specific purpose.

Cervia Salt Pan Visitor Centre

The salt pans are a magical place which are not to be missed. Book a visit to the Salt Pan Visitor Centre for a special day out.

The Salt Warehouses

There are two salt warehouses in the old port: Magazzino Torre and Magazzino Darsena. 

Camillone Salt Pans

What better way could there be to discover this area’s rich history of salt production than a visit to the Camillone salt pans?

Cervia in bloom

Europe’s biggest outdoor floral art display

Cervia Spa

Make time for some personal care, to leave yourself feeling completely revitalised. Treat yourself to a pampering in the spa centre.

Sailing centers

The wind fills the sails and your destination is the horizon. As soon as the bow of the boat leaves the harbour, you will see for yourselves the true meaning of ‘freedom’.


In Milano Marittima, immersed in the beautiful pine forest, near to the sea. A stunning setting where you can play all year round in relaxing and exclusive surroundings.

Sapore di sale | © Archivio Cervia

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