Mercati di Cervia | © Stefano Acquaviva

Treat yourself

Cervia’s markets

Treat yourself

Cervia’s markets

There is a lot going on this summer!
Here at the seaside you will have plenty of opportunities to go for a stroll, do a spot of window shopping, and pick up some local produce and special souvenirs. In addition to the boutiques and shops, every evening from 5 pm until midnight our markets bring to life the streets and squares of all four towns: Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata.
Our markets are a treat for all your senses, especially your taste buds! Ideal after a long day at the beach, discovering our food, arts, and culture.

Borgo Marina, showcasing Cervia

Cervia - Every Thursday in summer.

Take a walk down to the old fishing harbour to discover local arts and crafts, as well as traditional cuisine.

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Street market Cervia Lume di Candela

Cervia - Every Tuesday evening.

The old town and the Borgo Marina area are brought to life by thousands of creations from local artisans and artists. Every Tuesday evening, until midnight.

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Street market "Curiosando"

Cervia - Every Wednesday from June to September.

When the sun sets, the town centre is transformed into an open-air loft. Step back in time among the collectable items and retro objects.

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Street market Vialetto Degli Artisti

Milano Marittima - Every evening in summer.

Let’s take a walk together down the leafy streets of Milano Marittima to find some unusual and enchanting objets d’art.

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Street market Vintage in Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima.

If you love vintage, this is the right place for you! From 1950s clothing to accessories for the home, you are sure to find the perfect retro addition to your home.

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Street market Sole & Sale

Pinarella - Viale Italia, each Monday.

The stalls of the Sole & Sale market offer a host of handmade artisan products. Perfect for gifts to take home or souvenirs of your memorable Italian seaside holiday.

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Street market La Via delle Cose Dimenticate

Tagliata - Tuesday evenings from June to September.

Dive in to a world of creativity and beauty at this street market in Tagliata. Every Tuesday in summer this market is the place to find hidden gems.

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Aghi di Pino: tradition bursting with flavour


Are you looking for a market which combines culture and tradition?
Then Aghi di Pino is the one for you! 

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Artisan creators in Pinarella: the art of the craft


A unique opportunity to experience a place shaped by its history, its artisans, and creativity.

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Giardino dei Semplici, a natural oasis

Milano Marittima

If you are looking for organic and natural products, this is the right market for you.

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A market for natural products

The fruit and vegetable market in Pinarella is a special place for anyone looking for natural and organic produce.

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Herbal medicine market in Cervia

Buzzing bees, fluttering butterflies, colourful flowers: this is a market which evokes so many aspects of nature.

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Local evening markets and Cervia annual market

On the Adriatic Riviera we love to welcome our guests by filling the streets and squares of our towns with a whole host of different markets.

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Mercati di Cervia | © Archivio Cervia

The city of a thousand markets

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