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Cruise holidays

See the coast from a different angle: from the Adriatic Sea

Holidays on the high seas

Cervia and Milano Marittima as the starting point for your cruise

Cervia and Milano Marittima enjoy a central position on the coastline and are both very close to Porto Corsini, making them the ideal places for exploring the Romagna region and its hinterland.

Transfer and boarding

Relaxation, exploration and excitement

Are you preparing to set sail in search of new horizons, on a relaxing voyage of discovery? If you are in this region the day before boarding your cruise, we recommend taking a visit to the stunning coastal cities of Cervia, Milano Marittima and Ravenna, taking the chance to see three fascinating places before setting off. Not only do these cities boast many wonderful attractions, they are also close to your port of departure.
Alternatively, you can do a bit of shopping, spend a relaxing day in the luxurious surroundings of the Golf Club, or pamper yourself in one of the area's many spa centres. Whatever your choice, it is sure to be a different way to pass the time before boarding your cruise ship.

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Pre-cruise activities

A paradise for shopping

You will love a shopping spree by the sea. At sunset, when the temperatures are cooler and the town centre comes to life, it’s time to hit the shops and discover our most glamorous side. 

Aperitifs on the beach

Make magic moments on your holiday with a pre-dinner drink on the beach at sunset.

A taste of excellence

Explore the wonder of haute cuisine in Romagna, authentic and outstanding dishes prepared with passion and skill by our great chefs.

Cervia Old Town

The old town is the beating heart of Cervia. Its distinctive rectangular shape was formed by the Pope to improve the life of salt workers, where every building had a specific purpose.

The sea and Borgo Marina

The sea represents the other half of our spirit.

Cervia and Grazia Deledda

Of all of the most famous authors who have loved Cervia, one of the most important is Grazia Deledda. 

The Salt Warehouses

There are two salt warehouses in the old port: Magazzino Torre and Magazzino Darsena. 

Hotels in Cervia

Making you feel at home

The Adriatic Riviera and its residents are famous for their world-class hospitality.
Whatever type of accommodation you choose for your holiday, it is sure to exceed your expectations. Hotels, holiday homes, pitches for campervans and tents: there are just some of the options to choose from when planning your holiday.
In addition, wherever you decide to stay, you will be given a warm welcome and made to feel at home.

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Planning your holiday

Your holiday begins the moment you stop dreaming and start planning. Find the right place for you. Let our restaurants whet your appetite.
Take a look at our golden beaches and get an idea of everything Cervia has to offer.

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