Chiesa Stella Maris
Via III Traversa, 1
48015 Milano Marittima (RA)
Telephone +39 0544 994303
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Chiesa Stella Maris

Chiesa Stella Maris Chiesa Stella Maris

Structurally more modern than the churches in the Cervia area, the Stella Maris church was built in 1959, by the Franciscan Fathers and by the architect Carmelo Bordone. Born to meet the rapidly growing tourist needs in Milano Marittima after the Second World War, the church is dedicated to the Marian cult.
With a majestic external structure, thanks to the large windows present both in the entrances and in the upper part, at the entrance visitors and the faithful are welcomed by a large nave and a structure that widens at the height of the entrance.
The five concrete arches dissolve upwards and the balcony which leads to an organ, inaugurated in 1970, of notable aesthetic and acoustic impact.
Inside the church it is possible to admire, by the sculptor Umberto Bortolo, 14 panels of the Via crucis and the wooden crucifix against the background of the multichromatic stained glass windows of the altar.

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