Galleria d'arte Maceo Casadei
Palazzo Comunale
48015 Cervia (RA)
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Galleria d'arte Maceo Casadei

Mostra permanente Maceo Casadei Mostra permanente Maceo Casadei

In the panels displayed inside the Palace, one can recognize the French experience gained in the painter's youthful years, as well as his activity as a photographic retoucher. His work unfolds in a particular way in all fields of the figure, from landscape to still life. The light effects are treated with great attention so much so that they become the fundamental feature in the images of sky and water.

Maceo Casadei – Forlì 1899-1992 Still very young, Maceo Casadei was a pupil in Forlì of the painter Giovanni Marchini, future founder, in 1920, of the Forlivese Artistic Cenacolo with which the artist would collaborate, sharing its action in favor of the arts and participating, in 1922, in the "Autumn Exhibition of Art". Maceo has made a particular contribution to the twentieth-century figurative tradition, maintaining strong references to reality and knowing how to translate them into highly sophisticated painting.

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