Municipio di Cervia
Piazza G. Garibaldi, 1
48015 Cervia (RA)

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Municipio di Cervia

Municipio di Cervia Municipio di Cervia

The Town Hall overlooks the central Piazza Garibaldi.
Built between 1702 and 1712 as Palazzo Priorale, it was designed in a simple and unadorned style by Francesco Fontana, son, pupil and collaborator of Carlo Fontana, one of the most prestigious architects in 18th century Rome.
Its public function was suggested in the central part by the portico crowned by a pediment symbol of divinity, which in plan corresponded to the atrium, in relation to which two monumental staircases and a public hall on the main floor were arranged on the sides. Two wings branched off from the end parts of the building, orthogonal to the main part, giving shape to an internal courtyard that was never finished. Francesco Fontana was also contacted for the new project for the city of Cervia, after the architect Girolamo Caccia, who had followed the initial works, had to leave his post due to a serious form of malaria.

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