Villa Grazia Deledda
Viale Cristoforo Colombo, 65
48015 Cervia (RA)
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Villa Grazia Deledda

Villa Grazie Deledda Villa Grazie Deledda

Grazia Deledda's house represents a typical holiday villa from the early twentieth century. Over the years the seascape, which had struck the writer when she purchased it, has transformed. However, the "biscuit-colored" house mentioned by the author in some of her stories has not changed. The harsh and wild environment of Cervia, which she had chosen as the place to spend her holidays, perhaps reminded her of some stretches of the eastern coast of Sardinia, so much so that in 1928, perhaps with part of the proceeds of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1927) , he purchased the small villa there which he called Nuovoletta. In 1932, when the avenue changed its name from Litoraneo to Cristoforo Colombo, she gave it the name Caravella. Upon her death in 1936, the house was sold to private individuals and over the years its use often changed. On her facade you can still see the plaque dedicated to her, dictated by Aldo Spallicci.

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