Cervia Ecomuseum of Salt and the Sea

Ecomuseo del sale e del mare di Cervia Ecomuseo del sale e del mare di Cervia
This open-air museum protects and promotes the diverse natural and urban landscapes of our coastline and our cultural identity.

It acts as a bridge between the past and the future, helping to keep alive the memory of our ancient traditions, passing them on to future generations.

The name ‘Ecomuseum’ is derived from an old Greek word, Oikos, meaning “home”. It was chosen because we wanted you to feel at home here, where the land meets the sea. Because people make us what we are, the heartbeat of our community.

The Ecomuseum offers workshops, cultural events, and themed trails around town, with highlights including the Art Nouveau villas in Milano Marittima, and walks exploring Cervia’s literary, maritime, and salt production heritage. 

Ecomuseo del sale e del mare Ecomuseo del sale e del mare
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The Salt Warehouses

There are two salt warehouses in the old port: Magazzino Torre and Magazzino Darsena. 

Camillone Salt Pans

What better way could there be to discover this area’s rich history of salt production than a visit to the Camillone salt pans?

The sea and Borgo Marina

The sea represents the other half of our spirit.

Cervia Old Town

The old town is the beating heart of Cervia. Its distinctive rectangular shape was formed by the Pope to improve the life of salt workers, where every building had a specific purpose.

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