Services and Treatments at Terme di Cervia Spa

Salt-rich water and ‘Liman’ mud, precious materials from our salt pans, are used in all sorts of ways by the expert staff in the spa. A wide range of treatments and therapies are available to meet every need.

Beauty & Wellness

Cervia Salt Peeling, ‘Merviglia’ Massage, ‘Silhouette’ Massage, ‘Kobido’ Massage. The list of exclusive beauty and wellness treatments for body and face is extensive, with something to suit everyone’s specific needs. Choose the one which is best for you and put yourself in the skilled hands of the staff, to feel truly pampered. We also recommend the Liman Termae cosmetics line, the only one to use Cervia salt-rich spa water.


Immerse yourself in our salt-rich water and let its unique properties help your body to restore its natural equilibrium. Balneotherapy is recommended for rheumatism, arthritis, peripheral vasculopathy (phlebitis), fibromyalgia, respiratory problems, and rehabilitation (post-operative outcomes).

Mud baths

The ‘Liman’ mud from the salt pan is a natural cure. Sprinkling this dark mud over your body helps to relieve a number of ailments and skin conditions: rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, dermatological conditions such as psoriasis and scaling dermatitis, post-operative rehabilitation, water retention, and cellulite. The mud is applied at room temperature or at 40°C, depending on your needs, and is used in combination with hydromassage and ozone therapy.

Inhalation treatments

We recommend this treatment if you suffer from respiratory problems, such as sinusitis, ear infections, laryngitis, tracheitis, rhinogenic deafness, or bronchopneumonia (bronchial disorders). The sulphur-rich waters are administered in gaseous form, like a thermal cloud. When it comes into contact with your airway, the water has a beneficial effect which is enhanced by the balsamic air of the pine forest and the iodine coming from the sea.

Massage therapy

Therapeutic, drainage, osteopathic, connective tissue, or reflexology: massage is a fundamental part of any therapy for recovery of movement and posture. Choose a massage that meets your needs and put yourself in the skilled hands of our expert massage therapists. To get the most from the treatment, the therapist may decide to use products from the Liman Termae cosmetics line, rich in thermal bioactive ingredients.

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