Vela a Cervia | © Danny Fontana


If you enjoy splashing around in the sea, why not try one of our many water sports? There are plenty to choose from, from high-octane thrills to relaxing family fun.

From the sea to the salt pans


With 9 km of coastline, numerous canals and the salt pans, there are many aquatic ways to explore Cervia.
There are board sports, some of them extreme like kite surfing or water skiing, some more relaxing such as sailing, allowing you to enjoy the sea and nature in a different way.
If you would like to explore the inland areas, you can still travel by water aboard a canoe or kayak, paddling along the canals through the pine forest to the salt pans.

Banana Boats

If you want a bit of excitement and a boat-load of fun to your seaside holiday, you have to try a banana boat!

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Canoeing and kayaking

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Kite surfing at sea in Cervia

Have you ever tried surfing on the sea, powered only by the wind?

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Water skiing at sea in Cervia

The feeling as the boat picks up speed and you rise up out of the water, the skis skimming across the surface, is a thrill like no other.

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SUP at sea in Cervia

Relaxing, exciting, exhilarating: there are so many different ways to enjoy the seaside here.

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Cutting through the water, powered by your own pedalling, is a fun way to enjoy the seaside.

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Windsurfing at sea in Cervia

It is easy to feel a sense of complete freedom in Cervia. 

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Sailing centers

The wind fills the sails and your destination is the horizon. As soon as the bow of the boat leaves the harbour, you will see for yourselves the true meaning of ‘freedom’.

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