The German Bunkers of World War II

Bunker Cervia | © CRB 360 Bunker Cervia | © CRB 360
The Second World War had a devastating effect on our region. At the end of the conflict, our coastline was dotted with a huge number of bunkers built by the Nazis to defend the Gothic Line against attacks from the sea.

To avoid frightening the tourists as they began to return to our beaches, we tried to hide them either by burying them or by converting them into cellars and storage rooms for hotels and private houses. Despite the fact that this was a very painful period, the war remains an important part of our history and local volunteer associations have restored some of the buildings from that era.

This is an underground exploration of the dragon's teeth anti-tank blocks and the Torbuk and Regelbau bunkers, including the opportunity to go inside the Regelbau which has been fitted out with original period equipment. In summer, the tour is also available at night for an even more evocative experience. 

Bunker Cervia | © CRB 360 Bunker Cervia | © CRB 360
Denti di drago a Milano Marittima | © Paolo Cingolani Denti di drago a Milano Marittima | © Paolo Cingolani
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