Pasta fatta in casa  | © Gruppo Fotografico Cervese

Food & Wine

Try our local specialities and savour that special feeling of discovering something new and delicious.

Authenticity and character

The finest wines and food

One of the first things you notice on arrival in Cervia is that "something smells good"! Everywhere you turn there are wonderful aromas emanating from restaurants and home kitchens that will whet your appetite.

The freshness of the fish and seafood, landed just that morning, or the distinctive scent of a toasting piadina, are hard to resist. Simple ingredients which are full of flavour: the authentic taste of our region.

Our cuisine is bursting with character and the ancient traditions of the sea and the salt pans.

Sea view restaurants

Restaurants overlooking the sea, some with stunning terraces.

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Typical trattorias

Authentic eateries, traditional produce, recipes handed down through the generations, and family secrets. 

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Fish restaurants

Bistros, gourmet restaurants, and beach clubs. Here is the list of restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish for lunch or dinner.

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L'Ostrica di Cervia | © Da La Fenice

Typical produce from Cervia

Taste the goodness

Our recommendations

Fresh pasta

Made with a few simple ingredients and hand rolled: the jewel in the crown of Romagna cuisine.

Recipes from the land

Grilled, baked or fried: tasty and appetizing, meat dishes are a typical part of any convivial lunch or dinner with friends.

Recipes from the sea

Delicate and simple, these recipes express the beauty and bounty of the Adriatic Sea.

The traditional recipe for a piadina

It only takes a few basic ingredients to make a piadina, one of the tastiest and best-loved foods from this part of Italy. Here is the recipe.

Traditional desserts

You will be impressed by our traditional desserts, from freshly baked cakes to mouthwatering fritters.


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