La piadina romagnola a Cervia | © Da Battistini

Typical produce from Cervia

Cervia's sweet salt is our white gold. The rich aromas of fish and seafood from the Adriatic, just the thing to whet your appetite.

A taste of salt and the sea

The best of Cervia cuisine

We recommend trying some of our seafood delicacies. Enjoy oily fish down by the sea shore or grilled in breadcrumbs like the fishermen used to.
Down by the canal, order a piadina stuffed with delicious cured meats and local cheeses made with sweet salt, all washed down with a glass of Sangiovese wine.
Our cuisine is a celebration of our region's wonderful produce.

Sweet cardoons from Pinarella

With their unmistakable sweetness, this delicious vegetable is still grown locally using traditional methods.

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Cervia mussels

Cervia is famous for its mussels, harvested organically just off the coast. 

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Cervia oysters

They are reared out at sea and could not be fresher. If you like seafood, try eating them with just ice and a dash of lemon juice.

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Fish from the Adriatic

Simple but delicious fish dishes, prepared in a wide variety of recipes served either raw or cooked, reflecting our seafaring traditions.

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Something you can grab from a kiosk on the go, filled with cured meat, cheese, and vegetables. Or enjoy at a table, for a more gourmet version.

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“Sweet” salt from Cervia

The sweetness of our salt is a delightful surprise. At the Camillone Salt Pan the salt is still produced using traditional methods and since 2004 it has had Slow Food status.

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A winemaking tradition

Many local vineyards and wine cellars are open to visitors, where you can learn about the region’s deep-rooted winemaking tradition.

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