Recipes from the sea

Fritto misto di pesce | © Marco Anconelli Fritto misto di pesce | © Marco Anconelli
These sailor’s recipes may be simple but they are absolutely delicious. 

Cervia’s fishermen mostly ate fish, a tradition which continues to this day. Organic mussels, seasonal oily fish, shellfish cooked in all sorts of ways, combined with other locally sourced ingredients such as fresh pasta, peas, and our special “sweet” salt. The basis for so many of our traditional dishes from the sea.

Marinated anchovies, a light broth with eels, sardines baked in sweet salt, or fried mixed seafood which is known locally as “fritto di paranza” after the type of trawlers which used to fish the waters of the Adriatic. Squid with peas, a traditional springtime dish in Pinarella, or mussels served fried, alla marinara, or with pasta.

Ricette tipiche romagnole con pesce | © ph. Manzo Ricette tipiche romagnole con pesce | © ph. Manzo
Sagra della Seppia | © Archivio Cervia Sagra della Seppia | © Archivio Cervia
Cozze di Cervia Cozze di Cervia
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