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Sapore di sale | © Archivio Cervia Sapore di sale | © Archivio Cervia
Sapore di Sale is held every year in September. It is a very important event for the town, telling the story of something which has shaped the history of our town: the salt harvest.

At the end of the tiring salts harvesting season, which would conclude in September, the salt workers would load their precious “white gold” onto distinctive flat-bottomed boats to be transported along the canal to the warehouses to be checked and stored.

This tradition is repeated today to symbolise the permanent link between the town and the vast salt pans on the inland side of the town. 

It is a time of great celebration, recreating the festival-like atmosphere of the past. And you can be part of this tradition, learning all about the ancient crafts of the trade, and of course having the chance to try local produce made with our distinctive sweet salt. A festival which is experienced with all of the senses!

When the salt arrives outside the warehouses, it is given away to bring good luck and prosperity. You may be lucky enough to get a packet of our precious white gold to take home with you.
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Discover the 2024 edition

September 5 - September 8, 2024 / Cervia

Salt Festival

An event to learn about the ancient tradition of storing the white gold, which is transported from the salt pans to the warehouses.

September 6 - September 8, 2024 / Cervia

SAPORE DI SALE - From 6 to 8 September 2024

Four days of markets, tastings, conferences, workshops, and guided tours, all in the name of rediscovering the ancient culture of Cervia's salt...

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