The Festival of Cuttlefish

Sagra della Seppia | © Archivio Cervia Sagra della Seppia | © Archivio Cervia
The arrival of spring in Pinarella is always marked with the Festival of Cuttlefish. The event, which is held in March, celebrates the end of winter by serving up delicious traditional dishes. If you love the taste of the sea, this is the event for you!

You can try a number of local specialities, including seafood risotto, squid skewers, mixed fried seafood, and seafood spaghetti. An opportunity to discover some recipes which have gone out of fashion, such as squid stew and eels in broth. We particularly recommend cuttlefish with peas, a very tasty local speciality!

All of the dishes are made by hand, using traditional methods which have been handed down through the generations, and which are still closely guarded secrets in Cervia households. Just like the famous piadina, the thin flatbreads which are typical of the Romagna region, cooked to order and served hot: simply delicious!

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March 18 - March 24, 2024 / Pinarella

Cuttlefish Fair

Every year, the Cuttlefish Festival ushers in spring with delicious traditional dishes and a programme full of events.

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