Milano Marittima Città giardino | © Cervia Città Giardino

Milano Marittima

Elegant by nature, lively and glamorous

Milano Marittima

The “Garden Town”

When the town was founded in 1912, the idea was to create a leafy resort, where people and nature can live in harmony. More than 100 years on, this promise has been kept. Its broad boulevards are lined with ancient pine trees, and the shady roundabouts are the backdrop to boutiques and bars. The centuries-old pine forest is the town’s green lung, whilst the beaches and shallow waters of the sea are the perfect place for children to play safely whilst their parents enjoy an aperitif at sunset. And when night falls, the town really comes alive!

The bars and clubs of Milano Marittima are the place to be at night and, before you know it, you will be watching the sun come up from the dance floor. Pick up a warm croissant at dawn on the seashore whilst the town wakes up, a world away from your everyday life.

Best of Milano Marittima

A paradise for shopping

You will love a shopping spree by the sea. At sunset, when the temperatures are cooler and the town centre comes to life, it’s time to hit the shops and discover our most glamorous side. 

Night clubs

Night clubs for youngsters, stylish outdoor discos, and refined rooftop bars where you can watch the sun come up over the sea.


In Milano Marittima, immersed in the beautiful pine forest, near to the sea. A stunning setting where you can play all year round in relaxing and exclusive surroundings.

Le Siepi equestrian centre, Cervia

Italy’s equestrian centre of excellence

Aperitifs on the beach

Make magic moments on your holiday with a pre-dinner drink on the beach at sunset.

Casa delle Farfalle

It is like visiting a tropical rainforest, surrounded by thousands of fluttering butterflies and insects that look like leaves and flowers.

Cervia Spa

Make time for some personal care, to leave yourself feeling completely revitalised. Treat yourself to a pampering in the spa centre.

Tennis in Cervia

Since the 1970s, tennis has been the sport on the Adriatic Riviera

Sailing centers

The wind fills the sails and your destination is the horizon. As soon as the bow of the boat leaves the harbour, you will see for yourselves the true meaning of ‘freedom’.

Ravenna Festival Milano Marittima  | © Zani Casadio

 Milano Marittima - Dates to remember

There are so many events to choose from, each one adding a special experience to your holiday.

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