Comparto Magazzini del Sale a Cervia | © Fabio Panzavolta

Art and culture

Our history is the story of two elements: salt and the sea. You can learn all about it through our buildings, our museums, and our art spaces.

Past, present, future

Priceless heritage to discover and enjoy

Spend a few days, or even just a few hours, taking in some culture. If you take a stroll through the historic town centre, you can step into several museums and places of worship, see the stunning Art Nouveau Villas, or learn about the history of the Camillone salt pans and the salt warehouses. And if you are still hungry for more art and culture, within 40 km of Cervia you can find an amazing 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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Cervia Art Trails

Beauty lies around every corner in Cervia, get inspired by creativity that infuses our town.

Museums and Sacred Architecture

If you are interested in learning more about our history, there are many places to visit.

The Art Nouveau Villas

Discover the Belle Epoque charm of Milano Marittima through its Art Nouveau villas.

Classis Museum

The Classis Museum is one of the leading archaeological museums in Italy, tracing the history of Ravenna. 

30 minutes away from you

The Romagna area inland from the Adriatic Riviera is a place of extraordinary beauty with a fascinating past.

Art-culture experiences

These tours will introduce you to the rich artistic heritage of our Riviera. 

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The German Bunkers of World War II

The Second World War had a devastating effect on our region.

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The Salt Warehouses

There are two salt warehouses in the old port: Magazzino Torre and Magazzino Darsena. 

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Cervia and Grazia Deledda

Of all of the most famous authors who have loved Cervia, one of the most important is Grazia Deledda. 

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Ficocle, before Cervia existed

Our history is wrapped in a shroud of mystery.

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Cervia Old Town

The old town is the beating heart of Cervia. Its distinctive rectangular shape was formed by the Pope to improve the life of salt workers, where every building had a specific purpose.

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The sea and Borgo Marina

The sea represents the other half of our spirit.

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Cervia Ecomuseum of Salt and the Sea

This open-air museum protects and promotes the diverse natural and urban landscapes of our coastline and our cultural identity. 

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Camillone Salt Pans

What better way could there be to discover this area’s rich history of salt production than a visit to the Camillone salt pans?

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