Pieve Santo Stefano
Via Crociarone, 12
48015 Pisignano (RA)
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Pieve Santo Stefano

Pieve di Santo Stefano Pieve di Santo Stefano

The parish church is one of the oldest in the province of Ravenna. Its construction could date back to the 10th century, as the first document relating to it dates back to 977 AD, but an even more ancient origin cannot be ruled out. The church, built in basilica form and in the Deutero-Byzantine or Proto-Romanesque style, is a place of historical and artistic interest, with works to admire both inside and outside. On the external façade and on the apse of the church there are two tombstones, witnesses of the reconstruction and reconsecration which took place in 1527, after the Church was almost totally destroyed in 1512. The last significant restorations at the beginning of the twentieth century have brought back to the faithful a sober interior, capable of creating a particular atmosphere of meditation and suggestion.

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