Antica Chiesa Madonna della Neve
Via Madonna della Neve
48015 Cervia (RA)

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Antica Chiesa Madonna della Neve

Antica chiesa della Madonna della Neve Antica chiesa della Madonna della Neve

The Church, currently deconsecrated and is currently used as a private residence. All that remains is the façade, linear and well preserved thanks also to the intervention of the Superintendence of Fine Arts in the seventies. However, nothing of the interior could be preserved except the sixteenth-century painting also called "Madonna della Neve", attributed to the Ravenna painter Barbara Longhi, currently housed in the Cathedral of Cervia. However, the church is to be considered a very important historical and artistic relic because it is almost the only building that survived the destruction of Old Cervia. After a past as a barracks for the Guardia di Finanza, it was consecrated and became a private home.

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