Bunker Regelbau
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Bunker Regelbau

Bunker Regelbau Bunker Regelbau

The German bunkers and dragon's teeth were intended to defend the Gothic line of the front, in particular from seaborne assaults. They were scattered along a long stretch of coast and some remained buried for a long time. The REGELBAU 668 bunker is composed of an entrance landing and some descending steps overlooking the combat corridor which serves as an entrance. This watertight armored door opens into a standard lock chamber from the first quarter of 1943. Perpendicularly, a new armored door leads into a small room in which there is an emergency shutter (armored shutter facing an exit of emergency), a stove, periscope, radio antenna, three bunk beds with two beds, a central table. Inside, a particular painting with a verse by the German poet Schiller questions the madness of war. Next to it there is a Tobruk bunker, with a defense function, reachable through a narrow corridor.

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