Safari in Ravenna

Parco Zoosafari | © Archivio Parco Zoosafari | © Archivio
It is like being on a safari jeep in the middle of the Savannah, looking for these majestic beasts. An unforgettable experience, which will leave you gazing open-mouthed in amazement!
Zoo Safari in Ravenna is a low-impact wildlife Park which is home to a great number of animals (up 200 different species) all of which were born in zoos.

The aim of the zoo is to preserve biodiversity, protecting the animals, caring for their well-being, and safeguarding those which are threatened with extinction. You will be able to see for yourself that the animals are well looked after here, lovingly cared for by the expert staff of the park and able to roam freely in the wide open spaces.

You can visit the park in your own car or on the electric ‘train’ provided by the park which takes you on a 4 km journey in search of these fascinating and extraordinary animals. Meet lions, tigers, elephants, and giraffes. Your kids will spend the whole trip with their faces pressed up against the windows, each sighting greeted with cries of joy and delight.

Parco Zoosafari | © Archivio Parco Zoosafari | © Archivio
Parco Zoosafari | © Archivio Parco Zoosafari | © Archivio
Parco Zoosafari | © Archivio Parco Zoosafari | © Archivio

For more information visit the official Zoosafari website

Safari Ravenna

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 On the walking trail, you can see monkeys, lemurs, horses, birds, and cheeky goats who will try to steal all your food. But don’t let them bully you, or there won’t be anything left for the others!
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