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September 5 - September 8, 2024

Salt Festival

Sapore di sale | © Archivio Cervia Sapore di sale | © Archivio Cervia
Sapore di sale | © Fabio Panzavolta Sapore di sale | © Fabio Panzavolta

The Salt Festival takes place every year in September. 
It is a very significant event for me, because it evokes an important part of my past: the remittance of salt.

At the end of the tiring season of harvesting the white gold, which ended in September, my salt workers would load the salt aboard burchielle, the typical flat-bottomed boats, and transport it along my Porto Canale to the Magazzini for inspection and storage.
Today, this tradition is still repeated as a symbol of my unbreakable bond with the more than 800 hectares of salt pans.

It is a moment of great joy, evoking the festive atmosphere of those days. It is a special occasion to witness this tradition, to discover ancient crafts, also through conferences and exhibitions, and to taste typical local sweet salt products. In short, a festival to be experienced with all five senses!

Moreover, once the salt arrives in front of the warehouses, it is given away as a wish for good luck and prosperity. If you are lucky, you can go home with a bag of the precious white gold, a Slow Food presidium. 

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